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The Internet Toy Drive Founders

Rick Beneteau

Rick has been helping thousands of people on the Internet through his best-selling e-Books, his  "E-chievement" Ezine, ARISE! and with his powerful products and Affiliate Programs. His business building and inspirational articles have been featured in hundreds of online and print  publications with common sense advice written in the warm, friendly style that has made the Canadian entrepreneur so popular.

Anne Marie Baugh

Anne has worked in marketing and publicity for more than twenty years with various small to medium sized businesses. As a highly respected Internet publicist, she handles the publicity efforts for several online stars such as Rick Beneteau, John Harricharan, Marty Lund and others.  Anne's corporate publicity clients< a> include Card Services International and Staples.

jl scott, ph.d

Dr. jl scott is the Director of the International Council of Online Professionals (iCop™), the author of "The MASTER COURSE" - "Who's  Driving Your Bus?" - "Taking Care of Business" and "Kickin' Butt & Takin' Names!" She currently publishes the Internet Marketing Trade 

Our 2001-2005 Sponsor



#11 -  Drew Bledsoe
We are proud to have NFL SuperStar Quarterback Drew Bledsoe solidly behind The Internet Toy Drive. Drew is NO stranger to helping families having put 2 million of his own dollars into Parenting With Dignity, a powerful program that improves the lives of children by promoting and teaching effective parenting skills. Here's what Drew has to say about The Internet Toy Drive:

"I wholeheartedly urge everyone to click on the donate page of The Internet Toy Drive to help the U.S. Marines help kids this Christmas. Rick and Anne, you are going to make Christmas a LOT brighter for SO many needy children in America, and you have my total support and blessing! "

Do Your Heart Some Good Right Now!

A Message from Rick Beneteau:

The Internet Toy Drive has been a dream of mine from almost the first time I logged onto the Internet. Having been involved in both local and national charities for most of my business life, I've witnessed firsthand the tears of utter joy that followed selfless action on the part of those who truly cared. And, although there's a part of me that believes what works of human service we do should remain a private matter, there's the realist that says when we can bring much-needed and valuable exposure to a cause we believe in,  we can do much more good than by simply keeping silent.

It is in that spirit that I tell you that I've been truly blessed with having a successful Internet business, but what's much bigger than that, is the almost countless wonderful and successful people I've met on the World Wide Web whose "reach", is massive. So, my vision is  putting that combined power into action so that NO child in the United States THIS year will go without a Christmas gift!

Anne, jl and I acknowledge these selfless, caring individuals who *could* be promoting and making a lotta money from a hot product instead of asking YOU to Help Us Help a Needy Child have the kind of Christmas they should know and  remember. We also want you to know that your donation will go directly to Toys for Tots and the U.S. Marine Corps Base nearest You for a child in YOUR COMMUNITY.

Rick Beneteau

P.S. Believe it or not, I took some 'heat' the past few years from fellow Canadians (and a few folks overseas) who said I 'should be helping kids in my own country first'. I'd just like to say that as much as I love my country and do help out within my own borders, I simply want to help children - be it next door, in the next country or on another continent altogether as I do with my WorldVision family. 

I ask - has not political, religious and geographical BORDERS always been the root of most of the evil in this world? Might we not set those borders aside this year for a project of such miracles?


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