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    #11 -  Drew Bledsoe
We are proud to have NFL Super Star Quarterback Drew Bledsoe solidly behind The Internet Toy Drive. Drew is NO stranger to helping families having put 2 million of his own dollars into Parenting With Dignity, a powerful program that improves the lives of children by promoting and teaching effective parenting skills. Here's what Drew has to say about The Internet Toy Drive:

"I wholeheartedly urge everyone to click on the donate page of The Internet Toy Drive to help the U.S. Marines help kids this Christmas. Rick and Anne, you are going to make Christmas a LOT brighter for SO many needy children in America, and you have my total support and blessing! "

A Special Thank You to:

Tom Heatherington, creator of and for 'introducing' us to Drew and your great works together and  for playing a major role in Helping Us Help Kids!

Yanik Silver of Surefire Marketing for again going way over the top to Help Kids this year!

Rozey Gean of for her gracious donation of time and talents in the design of the banners.

Jim Peters of NSI Solutions for his help with the 2004 banners and with optimizing this site for the search engines.

Heather Colman of Custom Design Covers for the beautiful 'box' images.

Charlie Page of Directory of Ezines for his great article.

Michael Lamb of the Moneyroom and Tony Marino of AmericaWebWorks for the fabulous interviews.

Dan Klatt, Wealth Sensei.

Terri Levine of

Brad Callen of SEO Elite for his gracious donation of search engine optimization in 2005.

NOTE: Please feel free to use this letter in your promotions:

Our Generous Internet Partners for 2005
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We list every partner in the order they committed so please scroll down to see the generous people you know. If you want to become an Internet Partner simply click here to read what is required.

Campaign starts on U.S. Thanksgiving and we will begin listing Partners then.
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Jo Han Mok

Willie Crawford

Michael Angier

John Harricharan

Dawn Rivers Baker

Terri Levine


Do Your Heart Some Good Right Now!

Christopher Aust

Linda Offenheiser

Charlie Page

Tony Marino

Kent Butler

Richard Hopkins


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Harry Pickett

Blair Warren

Bryan Hall

Pamela Heywood

Richard Rossbauer

David and Michelle Riklan

Help Us Help Needy Children Now

Heather Colman

Pauliina Roe

Tony Callahan

Clarissa 'kiki' Frampton and Gloria Metzler

Steve Brunkhorst

Marianne Payton

Do Your Heart Some Good Right Now!





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