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What's In It for You?
by jl scott, ph.d.

The "Season of Giving" can often be overwhelming. It's my belief this happens because of an underlying fear that we don't have enough to give. Yet, if a simple universal principle is followed, we'll always have MORE than enough! What is this principle?

"What we give comes back to us, many times multiplied."

How do we use the principle? By understanding that we must GIVE what we want to receive - on a daily basis!

If you want money - give money! You'll no more run out of money than you'll run out of love - as long as you keep circulating it. You'll only run out if you're afraid you will! Keep everything good circulating. What goes out MUST come back! It probably won't come back from the same place you gave it but - it WILL
come back!

When we cling tightly to every cent we make out of fear that there won't be enough, we block the energies of circulation and, thus, prosperity. In order to receive, we - must - give. It's a spiritual law. And, whatever you give - counts.

The only condition is that it must be given freely and lovingly. After you do it for awhile, you'll begin to lose the fear and feel good about yourself for doing it. Now you've created the positive love energies required for all prosperity. And, you'll find it doesn't hurt a bit!


Five years ago, and in conjunction with the U.S. Marines' Toys for Tots program, the First Annual Internet Toy Drive was launched. This year, of course, we'll have the Fifth Internet Toy Drive.

Toys for Tots is celebrating its 57th anniversary of serving needy children at Christmas. This year there will be an even greater need for this service since the economy isn't strong. 

Cash contributions help Toys for Tots purchase needed gifts at the times and places they are needed most. The Internet Toy Drive helps with that part of the mission!

What's in it for you? That very simple principle of the universe:

"What we give comes back to us, many times multiplied."

Want to make more money next year? Then, I'm challenging you to begin that process right now by giving a small percentage of YOUR November and December income to the Internet Toy Drive this year. I'm simply giving you information on a universal principle that always works and asking you to use it to help some kids while helping yourself.

Just one further comment: Yes, Toys for Tots only operates in the USA. But, I give outside the USA routinely. Children are children no matter where they live. Won't you please make it your business to help bring joy to some kids who might otherwise never experience the Holiday love the rest of us take for granted - no matter where you live?

So many children really need to be able to "believe in the magic." To them, it isn't the magic of giving - it's the magic of love. To you, it is both!

Invest in yourself by investing now in life and love. Everything will come back to you at least ten-fold: love, understanding, hope and yes, even material things. It ALL comes back! The return is enormous!

You can give two wonderful gifts this Holiday Season. You can help a child - while you also increase your own prosperity. Please - make the commitment today!

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Help Yourself By Helping Children . . .
The Fifth Annual Internet Toy Drive!!

We are proud to be a partner with the official U.S. Marines "Toys for Tots" program in The Fifth Annual Internet Toy Drive. It's a sad fact that millions of children in the United States will NOT have a single gift to open on Christmas Day! We aim to change that and make sure EVERY child has at least one present 'from Santa' under their tree. Help a needy child in YOUR community right now:


  Do Your Heart Some Good Right Now!


We are an official Corporate Sponsor of Toys for Tots