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A Personal Message from the Vice President of Toys for Tots

"I know I speak for thousands of Marines and millions of our nation's neediest children when I say thank you to all those who choose to contribute to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation through the The Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program has provided happiness and hope to disadvantaged children during the Christmas holiday season for 57 years.

Our gifts offer these children recognition, confidence and a positive memory for a lifetime. During the one season a child would rather be remembered with a gift than anything else in the world, we believe Toys for Tots makes a genuine contribution. Apparently Reader’s Digest Magazine thinks so too, because they recognized us as the best children’s charity in the November 2003 issue.

The Marine Corps fulfilled the holiday dreams of over 6.5 million needy children in 2003. That’s a lot of children, but there are still many that we missed. We believe that with the support of Rick Beneteau and other concerned citizens like you, we may meet the needs of an even greater number of children this year. Please help the U.S. Marine Corps meet the challenge of providing joy and hope to millions of our nation’s neediest children during the Christmas holiday season. 

Thank you for your consideration of our program and best wishes for a safe, happy and joyous Christmas season.

Bill Grein
Major, USMC (Ret)
Vice President
Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

Click here to put a gift under the tree of a needy child in your community